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How to make a crack wire for disposable vape

how to make crack wire for disposable

Antbar, one of the sub e-cigarette brands of the Cloupor Group, which mainly produces a variety of rechargeable and refillable disposable e-cigarettes.

In order to respond positively to the concept of environmental protection and to contribute to the cause of environmental protection, most of our disposable e-cigarette devices are equipped with rechargeable function and refillable liquid. This design reduces waste generation, and also provides users with a more economical and environmentally friendly option. Therefore, we encourage more people to pay attention to environmental issues and take practical actions to protect the earth.

Today we are thrilled to introduce you to make a crack wire for disposable vape

Disposable e-cigarettes have gained global popularity because of the advantages of affordability, variety of flavors and portability. However, disposable e-cigarettes can be discarded after use, which leads to environmental issues that are gradually attracting people’s attention. At the same time, some people have begun to explore the possibility of recharging disposable e-cigarettes that were not rechargeable before.

It is dangerous to disassemble your e-cigarette device for recharging, so please do not try it. The best resolution is to switch to a rechargeable and refillable disposable e-cigarette such as the ANTBAR SA8000.

What does the crack wire meaning?

In order to charge non-rechargeable electronic cigarettes, people use USB or other charging cables to prepare crack wire.

It is important to realize that electronic cigarettes can be recharged in a variety of ways, including non-rechargeable electronic cigarettes, which are usually disposable electronic cigarettes. These e-cigarettes are designed not to be rechargeable and therefore more convenient to use. However, for some users, they still want to try to recharge the battery of a non-rechargeable e-cigarette. However, this practice is very dangerous as the battery can overheat, electrocute, burn or even explode, among other dangerous situations.

In addition, disassembling the e-cigarette is also a risky operation. Improper operation may result in permanent damage to the e-cigarette, and the disassembly process also comes into contact with internal components such as wires and batteries, which will increase the risk of electric shock. Therefore, be sure whether you can undertake the risks or not and take the necessary safety measures before attempting these operations.

What wires do you use for a crack wire?

The electrically conductive substances generally used to charge batteries are mainly metals. The main characteristic of these metals with texcellent conductivity,  good mechanical strength, and not easily oxidized or corroded, processing and welding are relatively easy. Among all the metals, silver has the best electrical conductivity, followed by copper and aluminum. However, due to the high price of silver, it is usually used only in specific applications. As a result, copper and aluminum have become the primary conductive metallic materials.

The following is a detailed description of common conductive materials and resistance parameters:

Therefore, when we look at universal USB charging cables and charging cables for Android chargers, you will notice that most conductive material is copper,which means that copper wire is the best choice of conductive material when considering the preparation of crack wire.

how to make crack wire for disposable

How to make a crack wire for a disposable vape

Ⅰ. Tools for crack wire:

  1. Pliers.
  2. Red and black wires, or USB cable (to be destroyed).
  3. USB wall charger or lithium-ion battery charger.
  4. Steel wire pliers.
  5. Wire strippers
  6. Electrical tape.
  7. Alligator clips (optional, but recommended).

Ⅱ. Preparation method

  1. About the steps of using android charger to charge vape cart, the following are some detailed precautions and operation guide:

Due to the complexity of the cable scheme of Apple and other chargers, the operation of the Android charger is easier in comparison. However, please note that we do not recommend trying this operation at home by yourself.

(1) Cut off the charging port of the Android charger

Use scissors to cut off the charging port (the part that plugs into the phone) of the Android charger, not the USB port (the part that plugs into the AC USB dongle). Make sure to leave enough room to use for a laptop, desktop, or wall USB port.

(2) Remove the green and white wires, keeping the red and black wires from the Android charger.

(3) Strip the ends of the black and red wires

Use wire strippers to strip the ends of the black and red wires. If you don’t have wire strippers, you can use a nail clipper, but do not melt the ends of the wires with a lighter.

(4) Insert the black wire into the cartridge

Remove the bottom of the vape, locate the battery in the bottom of the e-cigarette cartridge, and place the stripped end of the black wire firmly against the negative ground battery port.

(5) Connect the red wire with the outside of the cartridge

Gently connect the red wire with the outer metal surface of the e-cigarette. At this point, you can insert the Android charger into the active USB slot. You should immediately hear a hissing sound and notice vapor rising from the cartridge.

(6) Reassemble the e-cigarette

Make sure to reassemble everything like the original before. After 10 minutes of charging, attempt to put the e-cigarette back together and see if it works. If not, recharging it for another 10 minutes. If it still does not work, then you will not be able to charge the battery.

  1. The steps of the USB charging cable to hit the vape cart

Once again, it is not advisable for you to take this operation at home.

(1)Cut off the cell phone charging part of the USB cable, then use a knife to peel the USB cable wapper, remove the red and black wires inside, and detach their ends until the copper wire is exposed.

(2)Use pliers to control the bottom cover of the e-cigarette and remove it to find the battery inside. Identify the positive and negative terminals of the battery, usually the negative terminal is connected to the LED and the positive terminal is connected to the atomizer compartment.

(3)Connect the wires to the charger, simply plug it into a standard USB wall charger or charging cradle.

(4)Connect the wires to the battery, you can use alligator clips or electrical tape to connect the red wire to the positive terminal of the battery and the black wire to the negative terminal of the battery.

(5)Plug in the charger and let it sit for a few minutes to charge the battery. It is recommended to leave the charger on and charge every 7-10 minutes. Do not leave the battery unattended while charging; if you see smoke or the battery or cables become too hot, unplug the charger immediately.

(6)Reassemble the e-cigarette, and ensure to put everything back together just as it was dissembled before. After 10-minute charging, try to put the e-cigarette back together and see if it works. If not, try it again for another 10 minutes. If it still can not recharge indicating that the operation has failed.

Battery charging operation precautions:

  1. Safety takes the first priority: During the charging process, be sure to keep safety in mind. Do not charge indoors and make sure there are no flammable objects in the vicinity. At the same time, avoid using damaged or expired batteries, and make sure to select the appropriate mHA value to avoid excessive charging current that may cause safety accidents, such as explosions.
  2. Proper charging time: Too long or too short charging time that may have a negative impact on battery life. Follow the recommended charging time, neither overcharging nor undercharging to prolong the service life of the battery.
  3. Avoid a high temperature environment: High temperature may cause battery explosion during charging. Please avoid charging in a high temperature environment and ensure a proper environment during the charging.
  4. Keep the charging equipment clean: In order to ensure a better charging performance, please keep the charging equipment clean. Avoid dust and dirt from interfering with the charging process.
  5. Choose an appropriate charging method: Try to buy new rechargeable disposable e-cigarette devices, avoid disassembling the device for charging. This will ensure the integrity and safety of the device.

How do I know if my vape pen is standard and legit?

The first thing to do is to buy e-cigarettes from a proper e-cigarette store to prevent buying a product that does not match the picture.

Secondly, you need to know the policy of each country on e-cigarettes:

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