WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. For ADULT use only.

Intelligent Manufacturing

Our factory uses real-time data analysis, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning in the manufacturing process to realize intelligent manufacturing. The self-developed automated plant improves production efficiency and cost reduction. The state-of-the-art vape automated production line has encompassed a comprehensive range of processes, which include bracket and silicone assembly, welding heating wire, oil guide cotton inspection, automated e-liquid filling, and functional testing.

Highlights of Automated Plant

Pioneer in Automatic Robots
The automatic robot arms are wholly invented and developed by our team, which is unique in this fifield. They supports both dispos-able products and POD systems, enabling a diverse range of vaping products. This compatibility allows AntBar to cater to various customer preferences while maintaining vape manufacturing solutions

Higher Effificiency and Lower Cost
By embracing smart manufacturing principles, our automated plant can decreases the labour requirement and saves time, cost and waste. In contrast to traditional manual assembly methods, AntBar’s smart vape manufacturing process approach signififi- cantly reduces labor costs while improving production effificiency by more than 50%.

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Process Monitoring and Quality Control
Automated production enable us to be alerted to issues or errors that need to be addressed. By collecting and analysing data, we will be able to review the health of our production lines, including what is going well and what isn’t. Once we identifified these issues, we make appropriate adjustments. We can prevent problems before they occur, reducing the risk of poor quality products, downtime or disruption.In this way, we can better ensure that each AntBar product is of the highest stan-dard