WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. For ADULT use only.


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A. Check whether the fire button is struck.

B. Check whether the pod is in good condition.

C. Clean up electrodes and make sure the pod is installed in place.

D. When the battery is lower, the device can’t work. Please charge the battery to try again.

E. If there is a short circuit, low battery or coil with poor connection,etc, please refer to the user manual.

F. The internal components may have been damaged (such as dropping, juice into the device).

A. Please charge the battery when the capacity of the battery is too low to provide a normal working voltage for the device. This is a normal phenomenon. NotE. Under low-voltage projection, “LOW BATTERY”is set for protecting the battery lifespan.

B. If charging the device does not resolve the problem, restart the device.

C. If this problem occurs when using high power, check whether the battery is a high-rate battery. Because if the battery rate is not enough, low power will occur.

D. The internal component or circuit board is damaged due to the entry of water, leakage or dropping of the device, causing the system to exhibit abnormalities.

E. When not in use for a long time, please turn the device off. It is recommended to charge the device at least once a month.

A. Please check if the charger can work normally, or if the charger is abnormal or can’t output a 5V voltage, failing to charge the device.

B. Please check if the charging cable is normal or whether there is any grime attached to the USB port, change another cable for test.

C. Please check if the LED indicator on the device is normal during charging, please refer to User Manual.

D. If the device hasn’t been charged when it’s not used or “low battery” for a long time, the battery will be over-discharged and damaged, and the battery can’t be recovered after charging for 10-15 minutes, please unplug the charging cable.

E. Please charge with recommended adaptor and charging cable from a reputable company.

A. Please replace a new pod or a new coil, and it is not recommended to continue to use it.

B. There are usually four problems that could cause a burnt tastE.
1. The pod/coil reaches its maximum lifespan.
2. Abnormal use and dry burning are prone to burning, for example, if the liquid has been exhausted and continues to use the device, it will be prone to burning.
3. Using thicker e-liquid (higher vg) can also cause coil burning, and you can replace the e-liquid with a thinner one.
4. Please prime the coil before using the device and then wait for about 5 minutes, or it will be prone to burn.

A. Please check whether the drip tip cap or filler plug and coil are installed in place, and check whether the silicone ring on the filler plug and coil is damaged or displaced.

B. Please note that the drip tip cap or filler plug should be closed immediately after filling the e-liquid. If the e-liquid is filled too full, it will cause overflow.

C. If the spitting back is not resolved, we suggest you shake off the condensation in the chimney several times through the drip tip and then use it.

D. Please use the recommended wattage for fully vaporizing the coil, or it will also lead to liquid in the mouth.

A. Please check whether the LED indicator of the device is red or the LED indicator flashes 3 or 5 times, it shows that the battery is too low and should be charged in time.

B. The flavor of the e-liquid that is being used is weak. It is recommended to try another e-liquid.

C. If the e-liquid is not used for a long time after being filled in the pod, the flavor could be bad, especially for the first few puffs, we suggest you replace the e-liquid and the pod.

A. Please check whether the top cap of the tank is installed in place. If the tank is not covered tightly immediately after e-liquid filling, it can easily cause a large amount of air to enter the tank leading to leakage.

B. Please check whether the coil is installed in place.

C. If the tank is not used for more than 3 days after being filled with e-liquid, it can easily lead to leakage.

D. If the device is placed in a high-temperature environment or under direct sunlight outdoors, such overexposure can easily lead to leakage.

E. It is not recommended to use the device in an airplane or a negative-pressure environment. The inconsistent internal and external pressure can result in the leakage of the tank.

F. Dropping the tank on the ground can easily lead to leakage.

A : Please lower the output power properly.

B. Avoid chain vaping.

C. Avoid blocking the drip tip of tank with your lips or tongue, and dissipate the heat in time.

If the tank is to be stored for a long time, please note that:
1.The e-liquid in the tank should be cleaned.
2.The device with a built-in battery should be charged to more than 80% power and then turn it off.
3.After cleaning and drying the tank, the tank and device should be sealed and stored separately in hermetic bags.

A. Please replace the atomizer or replace the coil in the atomizer to see if there is a problem with the device.

B. Confirm that the atomizer or the coil is installed in place.

C. Restart the device.

D. The internal component or circuit board is damaged due to the entry of water, leakage or dropping of the device, causing the system to exhibit abnormalities.

A. Please keep away from flammable and explosive materials.

B. Please keep away from water and other liquids.

C. Please do not store with hard objects to avoid scratching the product.

D. Please do not disassemble the product without authorization.

A. Remember to leave your coil to sit for 5 minutes to make sure it is fully saturated.

B. Make sure the pods’ contact, battery and the whole device are in sound condition.

C. Try various wattage and air flow settings to find the perfect touch for vaping.

A. Generally, a coil used within its operating range and at a steady pace, will last approximately two weeks.

B. If you are vaping heavily on a high wattage, your coils may not last as long.

C. If you use your coils above the maximum wattage specified on the coil, the cotton (or wicking material) in the coil will burn almost instantly.

D. Once a coil is burnt, it is permanently damaged and will produce a nasty burnt taste. Burnt coils may also result in the tank leaking e-liquid from the air-flow holes.

E. The quality of your e-liquid may also affect the life of your coil.

It will be very obvious. You should change if you found diminished flavor, less vapor, a burnt or unpleasant flavour and your tank may be leaking more than usual.

Before using a new coil for the first time, it is important to prime your coil directly with e-liquid to prevent the cotton (or wicking material) from burning. New coils are dry and any dry portions of a coil will burn when heated, so it is very important to ensure that the coils are adequately saturated with e-liquid prior to firing them in your tank. It is best to prime (wick) your new coil before installing it.
1. Simply hold the coil with one hand and then with the other take your e-liquid bottle and carefully squirt drops of e-liquid directly onto the cotton (or wicking material) on the inside of the coil.
2. As well as applying e-liquid to the inside of the coil, it is also recommended to squirt a few drops on the actual wicking holes on the side of the coil, to ensure a really good saturation. Usually about 5 or 6 drops on the inside and a couple of drops on each of the side wick holes will be enough.
3. Allow the coils to sit in a full tank of e-liquid for up to 5-10 minutes prior to use to make sure the coil is saturated.
4. Once the coil (wicked)is primed and installed in the tank, it is important not to turn your mod up to high power initially. Simply set your mod below the minimum of the range indicated on the coil and give it a few draws at a lower wattage to make sure the coil is not burning.
5. During this initial process of getting a new coil going, you can also blow into your tank as you fire it (reverse vaping) rather than suck avoiding spit-back that can occur as a result of over-priming. This process will evaporate any excess e-liquid on the coil and bring the coil more saturated.

If your device has lines in the screen, or the whole screen is black or white but still works, please turn off the device and do a factory reset. If it still doesn’t work, please contact us.